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Publications from EDGG Meetings; Special Features


2017: Vegetation and conservation of Central European Grasslands (Special Feature in Tuexenia)

2016: Different approarches in grassland analysis (Special Feature in Tuexenia)

2016: 13th Eurasian grassland Conference: Management and Conservation of Semi-natural Grasslands: from theory to practice (Sighişoara, Romania)

2015: 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting and Open Landscapes Conference (Hildesheim, 2013): Conservation value, management and restoration of Europe’s seminatural open landscapes ( Special Issue in Hacquetia)

2013: 10th European Dry Grassland Meeting: When theory meets practice: Conservation and restoration of grasslands (Zamosc, Poland) (Special Features: Biodiversity and Conservation; Tuexenia; Applied Vegetation Science)
9th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grassland of Europe: grazing and ecosystem services (Prespa, Greece)
8th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grassland of Europe: biodiversity, classification, conservation and management (Uman', Ukraine) (Special Feature:  Tuexenia)
7th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Succession, restoration and management of dry grasslands (Smolenice, Slovak Republic) (Special Features:  Tuexenia; Plant Biosystems)
6th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Species interaction and distribution (Halle, Germany)
2008: 5th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grasslands in a changing environment (Kiel, Germany)
2nd European Dry Grassland Meeting: Observation scales in dry grasslands (Münster, Germany)
1st European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grasslands as biodiversity hotspots (Lüneburg, Germany)


Special Feature in Tuexenia 2017: Vegetation and conservation of Central-European grasslands

(please click on each to download)

EDITORIAL: Balázs Deák, Viktoria Wagner, Anikó Csecserıts & Thomas Becker. 2017. Vegetation and conservation of Central-European grasslands – Editorial to the 12th EDGG Special Feature. Tuexenia 37: 375–378. FULL TEXT

Kristin Gilhaus, Steffen Boch, Markus Fischer, Norbert Hölzel, Till Kleinebecker, Daniel Prati, Denise Rupprecht, Barbara Schmitt & Valentin H. Klaus. 2017. Grassland management in Germany: effects on plant diversity and vegetation composition. Tuexenia 37: 379–397. FULL TEXT   SUPPLEMENTARY

András Kelemen, Csaba Tölgyesi, Róbert Kun, Zsolt Molnár, Csaba Vadász & Katalin Tóth. 2017. Positive small-scale effects of shrubs on diversity and flowering in pastures. Tuexenia 37: 399–413. FULL TEXT

Gábor Szabó, Zita Zimmermann, Andrea Catorci, Péter Csontos, Barnabás Wichmann, Szilárd Szentes, Attila Barczi & Károly Penksza. 2017. Comparative study on grasslands dominated by Festuca vaginata and F. pseudovaginata in the Carpathian Basin. Tuexenia 37: 415–429. FULL TEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

Dragana Čavlović, Jelena Beloica, Dragica Obratov-Petković, Vladimir Đurđević & Olivera Košanin. 2017. Simulation of long-term changes in environmental factors and grassland composition in three protected areas of Serbia. Tuexenia 37: 431–446. FULL TEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

Jürgen Dengler, Thomas Becker, Timo Conradi, Christian Dolnik, Bärbel Heindl-Tenhunen, Kai Jensen, Jana Kaufmann, Marius Klotz, Claudia Kurzböck, Patrick Lampe, Nancy Langer, Britta Marquardt, Dorothee Putfarken, Melanie Rahmlow, Oliver Schuhmacher & Julia Went. 2017. GrassVeg.DE – the new collaborative vegetation-plot database for herba-ceous vegetation types of Germany. Tuexenia 37: 447–455. FULL TEXT

Special Feature in Tuexenia 2016: Different approarches in grassland analysis

EDITORIAL: THOMAS, B., CSECSERİTS, A., DEÁK, B.,  JANİŠOVÁ, M., SUTCLİFFE, L. & WAGNER, V. (2016): Different approarches in grassland analysis – Editorial to the 11th EDGG Grassland Special Feature. – Tuexenia 36: 287–291.FULL TEXT

BAUMANN, E., WEISER, F., CHIARUCCI, A., JENTSCH, A. & DENGLER, J. (2016): Diversity and func-tional composition of alpine grasslands along an elevational transect in the Gran Paradiso National Park (NW Italy). – Tuexenia 36: 337–358. FULL TEXT

DEÁK, B., HÜSE, B. &TÓTHMÉRÉSZ, B. (2016): Grassland vegetation in urban habitats – testing eco-logical theories. – Tuexenia 36: 379–393. FULLTEXT     SUPPLEMENTARY

HARZÉ, M., MAHY, G. & MONTY, A. (2016): The extent of intra-population plant functional trait variability in calcareous grasslands. – Tuexenia 36: 321–336. FULLTEXT

HÜLLBUSCH, E., BRANDT, L.M., ENDE, P. & DENGLER, J. (2016): Little vegetation change during two decades in a dry grassland complex in the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide–Chorin (NE Germany). – Tuexenia 36: 395–412. FULLTEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

KUZMANOVIĆ, N., KABAŠ, E., JOVANOVIĆ, S., VUKOJIČIĆ, S., AĆIĆ, S., SURINA, B. & LAKUŠIĆ, D. (2016): Syntaxonomy and nomenclatural adjustments of steppe-like vegetation on shallow ultra-mafic soils in the Balkans included in the order Halacsyetalia sendtneri. – Tuexenia 36: 293–320. FULLTEXT    SUPPLEMENTARY

VALKÓ, O., DEÁK, B., TÖRÖK, P., KIRMER, A., TISCHEW, S., KELEMEN, A., TÓTH, K., MIGLÉCZ, T., RADÓCZ, S., SONKOLY, J., TÓTH, E., KISS, R., KAPOCSI, I. & TÓTHMÉRÉSZ, B. (2016a): High-diversity sowing in establishment windows: a promising new tool for enhancing grassland biodiver-sity. – Tuexenia 36: 359–378. FULL TEXT


2016: 13th Eurasian Grassland Conference: Management and Conservation of Semi-natural Grasslands: from theory to practice

Abstracts - talks and posters

Special Issue in Hacquetia 2015: Conservation value, management and restoration of Europe’s seminatural open landscapes

(please click on each to download)

Editorial: Marta Carboni, Jurgen Dengler, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras, Stephen Venn & Peter Torok: Conservation value, management and restoration of Europe’s seminatural open landscapes pdf

Eleonora Giarrizzo, Sabina Burrascano, Laura Zavattero & Carlo Blasi: New methodological insights for the assessment of temporal changes in semi-natural dry grasslands plant species composition based on field data from the northern Apennines pdf

Rocco Labadessa, Luigi Forte, Paola Mairota: Exploring life forms for linking orthopteran assemblage and grassland plant community pdf

Keith J. Kirby: What might asustainable population of trees in wood-pasture sites look like? pdf

Laura SUTCLIFFE, John AKEROYD, Nat PAGE & Razvan POPA: Combining approaches to support High Nature Value farmland in Southern Transylv ania, Romania pdf



Philipp SENGL, Viktoria WAGNER & Martin MAGNES: Semi-dry grassland restoration in the SE Alpine foreland of Austria – a study of early spontaneous colonisation patterns pdf

Jiři Dostalek & Tomaš Frantik: Dry heathland restoration in the Zlatnice Nature Reserve (Czech Republic): An assessment of the effectiveness of grazing and sod-cutting pdf


2015: 12th European Dry Grassland Meeting: From Population Biology to Community Ecology


Abstracts - talks and posters [download]

2014: 11th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Steppes and semi-natural dry grasslands: Ecology, transformation and restoration


Abstracts - talks and posters [download]

2013: 10th European Dry Grassland Meeting: When theory meets practice: Conservation and restoration of grasslands (Zamosc, Poland)


Abstracts - talks and posters [download]

Oral presentations: pdf

Publications from EDGG Meetings:

Biodiversity and Conservation 22 (2013)

Habel, J.C., Dengler, J., Janišová, M., Török, P., Wellstein, C., Wiezik, M. (2013): European grassland ecosystems: threatened hotspots of biodiversity. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2131–2138. [available from: janchristianhabel@gmx.de]

Horváth, R., Magura, T., Szinetár, C., Eichardt, J., Tóthmérész, B. (2013): Large and least isolated fragments preserve habitat specialist spiders best in dry sandy grasslands in Hungary. Biodivers. Conserv. 22 : 2139 – 2150. [ available from: horvath.roland@science.unideb.hu]

 Moeslund, J.E., Arge, L., Bøcher, P.K., Dalgaard, T., Ejrnæs, R., Odgaard, M.V., Svenning, J.-C. (2013): Topographically controlled soil moisture drives plant diversity patterns within grasslands. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2151–2166. [available from: mjesper.moeslund@biology.au.dk]

Weiss, N, Zucchi, H., Hochkirch, A. (2013): The effect of grassland management and aspect on Orthopteran diversity and abundance: site conditions are as important as management. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2167–2178. [available from: hochkirch@uni-trier.de]

Zelnik, I., Čarni, A. (2013): Plant species diversity and compositio of wet grasslands in relation to environmental factors. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2179– 2192. [available from: igor.zelnik@bf.uni-lj.si]

Morris, E.K., Buscot, F., Herbst, C., Meiners, T., Obermaier, E., Wäschke, N.W., Wubet, T., Rillig, M.C. (2013): Land use and host neighbour identity effects on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community composition in focal plant rhizosphere. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2193–2205. [morrisk10@xavier.edu]

Pipenbaher, N., Kaligarič, M., Mason, N.W.H., Škornik, S. (2013): Dry calcareous grasslands from two neighbouring biogeographic regions: relationship between plant traits and rarity. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2207–2221.[available from: natasa.pipenbaher@uni-mb.si]  

Filz, K.J., Engler, J.O., Stoffels, J., Weitzel, M., Schmitt, T. (2013): Missing the target? A critical view of butterfly conservation efforts o calcareous grasslands in south-western Germany. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2223–2241. [available from: kfilz@yahoo.de]

Albrecht, H., Haider, S. (2013): Species diversity and life history traits in calcareous grasslands vary along an urbanization gradient. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2243– 2267. [available from: albrecht@wzw.tum.de]

Bieringer, G., Zulka, K.P., Milaszowsky, N., Sauberer, N. (2013): Edge effect of a pine plantation reduces dry grassland invertebrate richness. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2269–2283. [available from: georg.bieringer@aon.at]

Bonanomi, G., Incerti, G., Allegrezza, M. (2013): Assessing the impact of land abandonment, nitrogen enrichment and fairy-ring fungi on plant diversity of Mediterranean grasslands. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2285–2304. [available from: giuliano.bonanomi@unina.it]

Wiezik, M., Svitok, M., Wieziková, A., Dovčiak, M. (2013): Shrub encroachment alters composition and diversity of ant communities in abandoned grasslands of western Carpathians. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2305–2320. [available from: wiezik@post.sk]

Rácz, I.A., Déri. E., Kisfali, M., Batiz, Z., Varga, K., Szabó, G., Lengyel, S. (2013): Early changes of orthopteran assemblages after grassland restoration: a comparison of space-for-time substitution versus repeated measures monitoring. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2321–2335. [available from: szabolcslengyel@yahoo.com]

Lauterbach, D., Römermann, C., Jeltsch, F., Ristow, M. (2013): Factors driving plant rarity in dry grasslands on different spatial scales: a functional trait approach. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2337–2335. [available from: daniel.lauterbach@tu-berlin.de]

Wellstein, C., Chelli, S., Campetella, G., Bartha, S., Galiè, M., Spada, F., Canullo, R. (2013): Intraspecific phenotypic variability of plant functional traits in contrasting mountain grassland habitats. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2535–2374. [available from: camilla.wellstein@uni-bayreuth.de]

Pluess , A.R. (2013) : Me t a - ana lys i s r eve a l s microevolution in grassland plant species under contrasting management. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2375–2400. [available from: andrea.pluess@env.ethz.ch]

Habel, J.C., Rödder, D., Lens, L., Schmitt, T. (2013): The genetic signature of ecologically different grassland Lepidopterans. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2401–2411. [available from: janchristianhabel@gmx.de]

Habel, J.C., Gossner, M.M., Meyer, S., Eggermont, H., Lens, L., Dengler, J., Weisser, W.W. (2013): Mind the gaps when using science to address conservation concerns. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2413–2427. [available from: janchristianhabel@gmx.de]



Tuexenia 33 (2013)

Becker T., Reitalu T., Ruprecht E., Dengler J. (2013): Dry grassland of Europe: biodiversity, classification, conservation and management – Editorial to the 8th Dry Grassland Special Feature. – Tuexenia 33: 285–291. pdf

Kasari,L., Gazol, A., Kalwij, J.M., Helm, A. (2013): Low shrub cover in alvar grasslands increases small-scale diversity by promoting the occurrence of generalist species. – Tuexenia 33: 293–308. pdf

Pedashenko, H., Apostolova, I., Boch, S., Ganeva, A., Janisová, M., Sopotlieva, D., Todorova, S., Ünal, A., Vassilev, K., Velev, N., Dengler, J. (2013): Dry grasslands of NW Bulgarian mountains: first insights into diversity, ecology and syntaxonomy. – Tuexenia 33: 309–346. pdf

Rusina, S., Puspure, I., Gustina, L. (2013): Diversity patterns in transitional grassland areas in floodplain landscapes with different heterogeneity. – Tuexenia 33: 347–369. pdf

Janisová, M., Ujházy, K., Uhliarová, E. (2013): Phytosociology and ecology of Avenula adsurgens subsp. adsurgens in Carpathian grasslands. – Tuexenia 33: 371–398. pdf

Willner, W., Sauberer, N., Staudinger, M., Schratt-Ehrendorfer, L. (2013): Syntaxonomical revision of the Pannonian grasslands of Austria - Part I: Introduction and general overview. – Tuexenia 33: 399–420. pdf

Willner, W., Sauberer, N., Staudinger, M., Grass, V., Kraus, R., Moser, D., Rötzer, H., Wrbka, T. (2013): Syntaxonomical revision of the Pannonian grasslands of Austria - Part II: Vienna Woods (Wienerwald). – Tuexenia 33: 421–458. pdf


Applied Vegetation Science 

The joint Virtual Special Feature (VSF) by EDGG and EVS in Applied Vegetation Science (impact factor = 2.263) on large-scale classification of grasslands s.l. started with two contributions in the July, 2013 issue.

Dengler, J., Bergmeier, E., Willner, W., Chytry, M. (2013): Towards a consistent classification of European grasslands. Appl. Veg. Sci. 16: 518–520. [open access from: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ doi/10.1111/avsc.12041/pdf]

Eliáš, P. jr., Sopotlieva, D., Díté, D., Hájková, P., Apostolova, I., Senko, D., Melečková, Z., Hájek, M. (2013): Vegetation diversity of salt-rich grasslands in Southeast Europe. Appl. Veg. Sci. 16: 521–537. [open access from: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ doi/10.1111/avsc.12017/pdf]

Jiménez-Alfaro, B., Hájek, M., Ejrnaes, R., Rodwell, J., Pawlikovski, P., Weeda, E.J., Laitinen, J., Moen, A., Bergamini, A., Aunina, L., Sekulová, L., Tahvaninen, T., Gillet, F., Jandt, U., Ditě, D., Hájková, P. Corriol, G., Kondelin, H., Díaz, T.E. (in press): Biogeographic patterns of base-rich fen vegetation across Europe. Appl. Veg. Sci. [available from: borja@sci.muni.cz ]



2012: 9th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grassland of Europe: grazing and ecosystem services (Prespa, Greece)

   Abstracts - talks and posters [download] cover page  Proceedings of the conference


2011: 8th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grassland of Europe: biodiversity, classification, conservation and management (Uman', Ukraine)

   Abstracts - talks and posters [download]

Dry Grassland Special Feature in Tuexenia 32 (2012)

Galvánek, D., Becker, T., Dengler, J. (2012): Biodiversity, syntaxonomy, and management – Editorial to the 7th Dry Grassland Special Feature (with a bibliometrical evaluation of the series). – Tuexenia 32: 233–243. [pdf]

Ketner-Oostra, R., Aptroot, A., Jungerius, P.D., Sýkora, K.V. (2012): Vegetation succession and habitat restoration in Dutch lichen-rich inland drift sands. – Tuexenia 32: 245–268. [pdf]

Jeschke, M. (2012): Cryptogams in calcareous grassland restoration: perspectives for artificial vs. natural colonization. – Tuexenia 32: 269–279. [pdf]

Becker, T., Schmiege, C., Bergmeier, E., Dengler, J., Nowak, B. (2012): Nutrient-poor grasslands on siliceous soil in the lower Aar valley (Middle Hesse, Germany) – neglected vegetation types in the intersection range of four classes. – Tuexenia 32: 281–318 + 1 table. [pdf]

Dengler, J., Becker, T., Ruprecht, E., Szabó, A., Becker, U., Beldean, M., Bita-Nicolae, C., Dolnik, C., Goia, I., Peyrat, J., Sutcliffe, L.M.E., Turtureanu, P.D., Uğurlu, E. (2012): Festuco-Brometea communities of the Transylvanian Plateau (Romania) – a preliminary overview on syntaxonomy, ecology, and biodiversity. – Tuexenia 32: 319–359 + 2 tables. [pdf]


2010: 7th Succession, restoration and management of dry grasslands (Smolenice, Slovak Republic)

Conference proceedings: cover page [download], proceedings [download]

Dry Grassland Special Feature in Tuexenia 31 (2011)

Janišová, M., Wellstein, C., Willner, W., Dengler, J. (2011): Succession, restoration, and management of dry grasslands – Special Feature with contributions from the 7th European Dry Grassland Meeting 2010 in Smolenice. Tuexenia 31: 227–234. [pdf]

Škodová, I., Devánová, K., Senko, D. (2011): Subxerophilous and mesophilous grasslands of the Biele Karpaty Mts. (White Carpathian Mts.) in Slovakia. Tuexenia 31: 235–269 + 6 tables.  [pdf]

Willner, W. (2011): Unambiguous assignment of relevés to vegetation units: the example of the Festuco- Brometea and Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei. Tuexenia 31: 271–282 + 1 table. [pdf] [table]

Petřík, P., Černý, T., Boublík, K. (2011): Impact of hoofed game and weather on the vegetation of endangered dry grasslands in the Křivoklátsko Biosphere Reserve (Czech Republic). Tuexenia 31: 283–299. [pdf]

Wiezik, M., Wieziková, A., Svitok, M. (2011): Vegetation structure, ecological stability, and low-disturbance regime of abandoned dry grasslands support specific ant assemblages in Central Slovakia. Tuexenia 31: 301–315. [pdf]

Plant Biosystems 145 (3)

This Special Feature is devoted to Succession, management and restoration of dry grasslands and was guestedited by Monika Janišová (Banská Bystrica, SK), Sándor Bartha (Vacratot, HU), Kathrin Kiehl (Osnabrück, DE), and Jürgen Dengler (Hamburg, DE). It contains nine regular articles plus the editorial and will appear in the August issue of the journal. This is the first EDGG Special Feature in a journal listed in the Web of Science. Plant Biosystems is published by the Italian Botanical Society and has an Impact Factor of 0.929.

Janišová, M., Bartha, S., Kiehl, K., Dengler, J. (in press): Advances in the conservation of dry grasslands – Introduction to contributions from the 7th European Dry Grassland Meeting. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.603895.

Sudnik-Wójcikowska, B., Moysiyenko, I., Zachwatowicz, M., Jablońska, E. (2011): The value and need for protection of kurgan flora in the anthropogenic landscape of steppe zone in Ukraine. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601335.

Vassilev, K., Pedashenko, H., Nikolov, S. C., Apostolova, I., Dengler, J. (2011): Effect of land abandonment on the vegetation of upland semi-natural grasslands in the Western Balkan Mts., Bulgaria. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601337.

Hegedüšová, K., Senko, D. (2011): Successional changes of dry grasslands in southwestern Slovakia after 46 years of abandonment. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601605.

Kaligarič, M., Meister, M., Škornik, S., Šajna, N., Kramberger, B., Bolhàr-Nordenkampf, H. R. (2011): Grassland succession is mediated by umbelliferous colonizers showing allelopathic potential. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601338.

Házi, J., Bartha, S., Szentes, S., Wichmann, B., Penksza, K. (2011): Seminatural grassland management by mowing of Calamagrostis epigejos in Hungary. Plant Biosystems 145.DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601339.

Henkin Z, Seligman NG. 2011. The role of management on the rate of succession in restored Mediterranean grassland after fire. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601334.

Csecserits, A., Czúcz, B., Halassy, M., Kröel-Dulay, G., Rédei, T., Szabó, R., Szitár, K., Török, K. (2011): Regeneration of sandy old-fields in the forest steppe region of Hungary. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601340.

Deák, B., Valkó, O., Kelemen, A., Török, P., Miglécz, T., Ölvedi, T., Lengyel, S., Tóthmérész, B. (2011): Litter and graminoid biomass accumulation suppresses weedy forbs in grassland restoration. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601336.

Madruga-Andreu, C., Plaixats, J., López-i-Gelats, F., Bartolomé, J. (2011): Medium-term success of revegetation methods for high-mountain grassland reclamation in the Montseny Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.601341.


2009: 6th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Species interaction and distribution (Halle, Germany)

   Abstracts - talks and posters [download]

Dry Grassland Special Feature in Tuexenia 30 (2010)

Jandt, U., Becker, T., Dengler, J., Janišová, M. (2010): Dry grasslands: species interactions and distribution – Editorial to the Special Feature with contributions from the 6th European Dry Grassland Meeting 2009 in Halle (Saale). Tuexenia 30: 349-355, Göttingen. [pdf]

Dúbravková, D., Hegedüšová, K., Janišová, M., Škodová, I. (2010): New vegetation data of dry grasslands in the Western Carpathians and the northern Pannonian Basin. Tuexenia 30: 357-374, Göttingen. [pdf]

Janišová, M., Uhliarová, E., Ružičková, H. (2010): Expert system-based classification of semi-natural grasslands in submontane and montane regions of central Slovakia. Tuexenia 30: 375-422, Göttingen. [pdf]

Janišová, M., Uhliarová, E., Hlásny, T., Turisová, I. (2010): Vegetation-environment relationships in grassland communities of central Slovakia. Tuexenia 30: 423-443, Göttingen. [pdf]

Jones, A., Akeroyd, J., Beldean, M., Turtureanu, D. (2010): Characterization and conservation of xeric grasslands in the Târnava Mare area of Transylvania (Romania). Tuexenia 30: 445-456, Göttingen. [pdf]

Juśkiewicz-Swaczyna, B. (2010): Population structure of Pulsatilla patens in relation to the habitat quality. Tuexenia 30: 475-466, Göttingen. [pdf]

Rusina, S., Kiehl, K. (2010): Long-term changes in species diversity in abandoned calcareous grasslands in Latvia. Tuexenia 30: 467-486, Göttingen. [pdf]


2008: 5th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grasslands in a changing environment (Kiel, Germany)

Abstracts - talks and posters [pdf]


Bohner, A., Habeler, H., Starlinger, F., Suanjak, M. (2009): Artenreiche montane Rasengesellschaften auf Lawinenbahnen des Nationalparks Gesäuse (Österreich). - Tuexenia 29: 97-120, Göttingen. [pdf]

Dolnik, C., Dengler, J., Jandt, U., Kiehl, K. (2009): Dry Grasslands in a Changing Environment - Special Feature with contributions from the 5th Dry Grassland Meeting 2008 in Kiel. - Tuexenia 29: 331-337, Göttingen.[pdf]

Dolnik, C. (2009): Internationale Trockenrasentagung “Dry grasslands in a changing environment – Trockenrasen im Wandel” vom 26.−28. August 2008 in Kiel. – Kiel. Not. Pflanzenkd. 36: 130–131, Kiel. [pdf]

Juśkiewicz-Swaczyna, B. (2009): The psammophilous grassland community Corniculario aculeatae-Corynephoretum canescentis in the Masurian Lake District (NE Poland). - Tuexenia 29: 391-408, Göttingen. [pdf]

Kuzemko, A. (2009): Dry grasslands on sandy soils in the forest and forest-steppe zones of the plains part of Ukraine: present state of syntaxonomy. - Tuexenia 29: 369-390, 1 table, Göttingen. [pdf]

Laime, B., Tjarve, D. (2009): Grey dune plant communities (Koelerio-Corynephoretea) on the Baltic coast in Latvia. - Tuexenia 29: 409-435, 2 tables, Göttingen. [pdf]

Rickert, B.-H., Drews, H. (2009): Ein erster Schritt zu einem Populationsmanagement für Pulsatilla pratensis (L.) Mill in Schleswig-Holstein? – Kiel. Not. Pflanzenkd. 36: 37–41, Kiel. [pdf]

Ruprecht, E., Szabó, A., Enyedi, M. Z., Dengler, J. (2009): Steppe-like grasslands in Transylvania (Romania): characterisation and influence of management on species diversity and composition. - Tuexenia 29: 353-368, 1 table, Göttingen. [pdf]

Schrautzer, J., Jansen, D., Breuer, M., Nelle, O. (2009): Succession and management of calcareous dry grasslands in the Northern Franconian Jura, Germany. - Tuexenia 29: 339-351, 1 table, Göttingen. [pdf]


2005: 2nd European Dry Grassland Meeting: Observation scales in dry grasslands (Münster, Germany)

Abstracts - talks and posters [pdf], Title page

Excursion guide [pdf]


Bültmann H., Hasse T., DörsingM., Jandt U., Becker T., Dengler J. (2006): Trockenrasen auf unter– schiedlichen Betrachtungsebenen – Zweite Jahres– tagung der AG Trockenrasen vom 26.–28.08.05 in Münster. Tuexenia 26: 389–390, Göttingen.[pdf]

Michálková D. & Šibík J. (2006): A numerical approach to the syntaxonomy of plant communities of the class Festuco-Brometea in Slovakia. Tuexenia 26: 145–158, Göttingen.   [pdf]

Dengler J., Löbel S. & Boch S. (2006): Dry grassland communities of shallow, skeletal soils (Sedo-Scleranthetenea) in northern Europe Tuexenia 26: 159–190, Göttingen. [pdf]

Evers C. (2006): Ephemerenfluren (Sedo-Scleranthetalia) im nördlichen Harzvorland. Tuexenia 26: 191–201, Göttingen. [pdf]

Schmitt B. & Fartmann T. (2006): Die Heidenelken-reichen Silikat-Magerrasen der Medebacher Bucht (Südwestfalen/Nordhessen): Ökologie, Syntaxonomie und Management. Tuexenia 26: 203–221, Göttingen. [pdf]

Jeschke M. & Kiehl K. (2006): Auswirukung von Renaturierungs- und Pflegemaßnahmen auf die Artenzusammensetzung und Artendiversität von Gefäßpflanzen und Kryptogamen in neu angelegten Kalkmagerrasen. Tuexenia 26: 223–242, Göttingen. [pdf]


2004: 1st European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grasslands as biodiversity hotspots (Lüneburg, Germany)

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Articles in special issue of Tuexenia:

Dengler J. & Jandt U. (2005): Trockenrasen als Biodiversitätshotspots - Erste Jahrestagung der AG Trockenrasen mit einem Worskhop zur Syntaxonomie der Trockenrasen Deutschlands. Tuexenia 25: 375–378, Göttingen.  [pdf]

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Jeschke M. & Kiehl K. (2005): Auswirkung von Renaturierungs- und Pflegemaßnahmen auf die Artenzusammensetzung und Artendiversität von Gefäßpflanzen und Kryptogamen in neu angelegten Kalkmagerrasen. Tuexenia 25: 445–461, Göttingen.   [pdf]



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