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Organising a European Dry Grassland Meeting: User's Guide.

2017: 14th Eurasian Grassland Conference will take place in Latvia and Lithuania, 4-9 July 2017. We invite you to register and submit abstracts for talks and posters via the website http://www.edgg.org/conference_2017.html. Please click to view the second circular.

2017: 10th EDGG Field Wrokshop will take place in Italy, 3-11 June 2017. Please click to download the announcement.

Past events:

2016: 13th  Eurasian Grassland  Conference "Management and Conservation of Semi-natural grasslands: from theory to practice" was held in Romania, Sighisoara, 20-24 September, conference homepage

2015: 12th  European Dry Grassland  Meeting "Population biology and community ecology of dry grasslands and dry grassland species" was held in Germany, Mainz, 23-26 May , conference homepage

2014: 11th  European Dry Grassland  Meeting "Steppes and Semi-natural dry grasslands: ecology, transformation and restoration" was held in Russia, Tula,  5-15 June, conference homepage

2013: International Conference "Concepts for modern management of xeric grasslands between nature conservation and agriculture". Co-organised by EDGG and Brandenburg Academy Criewen Castle, 26th – 27th September, 2013

2013: International Conference "Open Landscapes 2013 - Ecology, Management and Nature Conservation", 29 September - 3 October 2013. Co-organized by EDGG and University of Hildesheim, NW Germany .  Conference homepage: http://www.open- landscapes2013.de/welcome/  

2013: 10th  European Dry Grassland  Meeting  When theory meets practice: Conservation and restoration of grasslands was held in Poland 24-31 May, Zamosc, conference homepage

2012: 9th  European Dry Grassland  Meeting  Dry Grasslands of Europe: Grazing and Ecosystem Services was held in Greece 19-23 May, Prespa, conference homepage

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