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The Bulletin of the EDGG (ISSN 1868-2456) is the official organ of the Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG).

The Bulletin is published quarterly at the Biocentre Klein Flottbek, c/o Jürgen Dengler, University of Hamburg, Ohnhorststr. 18, 22609 Hamburg, Germany. It is sent to all members of the organisation (1049 members from 62 countries as of 13.07.2015) and additionally made freely available  here on our web page.

Editors: Anna Kuzemko (Editor-in-Chief )& Idoia Biurrun (Deputy Editor-in-Chief ) with Didem Ambarlı, Jürgen Dengler, Monika Janišová, Péter Török, Stephen Venn, Michael Vrahnakis, Laura Sutcliffe (Associate Editors).

The signed contributions are the responsibility of the respective authorsand they should be quoted in standard format. The copyrighty of the included texts, photographs, and other figures remains with their authors. If you wish to re-use them or parts of them, you have to obtain the written consent of the authors first.

The Editorial Board wishes to promote the publication of original articles in the Bulletin. While it does not provide peer-review, it offers linguistic editing after acceptance, and you can be sure that your paper achieves a high visibility if published in the Bulletin because it is open access and sent to more than 1000 grassland specialists throughout the world. Please use Author guidelines to facilitate your paper preparation. From July 2016 the Bulletin also has a profile in ResearchGate to which you can contribute by uploading your Bulletin articles in ResearchGate (https://www.researchgate.net/journal/18682456_Bulletin_of_the_Eurasian_Dry_Grassland_Group). So you are all invited to send your papers to the Editor-in Chief (Anna Kuzemko, anya_meadow@mail.ru) and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Idoia Biurrun, idoia.biurrun@ehu.es), together with photos (particularly animals, grasslands outside Europe and grasslands other than dry ones) or announcements of own new articles.


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