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The conference is organized by the EDGG, University of Graz and the University of Maribor. It is supported by the The Nature Park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen, International Association for Vegetation Science and The Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process.

Local Organizing Commitee

Martin Magnes, University of Graz, Austria
Nataša Pipenbaher, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Sonja Škornik, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Scientific Committe

Christian Berg, Austria
Andraž Čarni, Slovenia
Anamaria Iuga, Romania
Mitja Kaligarič, Slovenia
Igor Paušič, Slovenia
Gerhard Karrer, Austria
Martin Magnes, Austria
Zsolt Molnár, Hungary
Monika Janišová, Slovakia
Nataša Pipenbaher, Slovenia
Sonja Škornik, Slovenia
Wolfgang Willner, Austria




Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) ( was established in August 2008. Its basic aims are to compile and to distribute information on research and conservation in grasslands beyond national borders, and to stimulate active cooperation among scientists, NGO's and all who work with or are interested in grasslands. It is an official group of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS,

University of Graz

The University of Graz (, which was founded in 1585, is Austria's second oldest university and one of the largest in the country. It comprises 6 faculties and 76 institutes. Many excellent scientists, amongst them six Nobel laureates, have taught and researched here. With 32,500 students and 4,300 employees the University of Graz contributes significantly to the vibrating life of the Styrian capital. Its location in Europe encourages a lively scientific, economic and cultural exchange with South-East Europe, from which not only the city benefits, but also its educational institutions.

The University of Maribor

The University of Maribor ( has approximately 15.000 students, 17 faculties where they are being taken care of by around 1.800 employees. It is the second largest and the second oldest Slovene university. University of Maribor is an autonomous scientific, research and educational institution with the purpose of discovering and nurturing knowledge as well as transferring it into the community through the all-connected fields of humanities, social sciences, engineering, economy, medicine, natural sciences, law, pedagogical sciences and arts. University of Maribor has signed more than 500 agreements with European countries within ERASMUS programme.

The Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process

The Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process is a multi-stakeholders' co-operation process at the biogeographical level, including seminars, workshops and cooperation activities to enhance effective implementation, management, monitoring, financing and reporting of the Natura 2000 network. The Biogeographical process is guided and monitored by an Expert group on Natura 2000 management and Steering Committees, composed of representatives of the Member States, the European Commission, the European Environmental Agency, the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity, the European Habitats Forum and the Natura 2000 Users Forum.

The Nature Park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen

The Nature Park Zirbitzkogel-Grebenzen supports the sustainable development of a gentle tourism in the region between the mountains Grebenzen and Seetaler Alpen. It is one important way to encourage traditional farming - the prime condition for the lovely landscape

International Association for Vegetation Science

IAVS ( its original precursor was the International Phytosociological Society (IPS), which was founded in 1939. IAVS is a worldwide union of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of all aspects of vegetation. The main goals of the IAVS are to facilitate personal contacts among vegetation scientists all over the world and to promote research in all aspects of vegetation science and its applications.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ( was founded in 1807. It aspires to be a valued and respected provider of products and services that make important contributions to advances in knowledge and understanding, a role that is essential to progress in a healthy and prosperous society. Wiley’s mission is to provide must-have content and services to professionals, scientists, educators, students, lifelong learners, and consumers worldwide.