Grassland Party and Auction

Grassland Party

The Grassland Party will take place on 14th September, near the Arantzazu sanctuary, where the participants of the two mid-conference excursions will arrive at around 19:00. The Sanctuary, located above a steep ravine at 750 m a.s.l., is the main entrance to Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, and is famous for its great artistic and architectonic value.
During the Grassland Party we will taste local food (cheese, vegetables, meat, etc.) and drink (cider, wine). We will have the opportunity to see and listen to Basque traditional dances and music, including an exhibition of txalaparta, a traditional percussion instrument where two txalapartaris (txalaparta musicians) play music using two wooden sticks each over a board (



The auction will take place during the Grassland Party in Arantzazu.
Conference participants are encouraged to bring foods and drinks from their countries. Any other object related to grasslands, their management and biodiversity are also welcome, e.g., books, traditional tools and musical instruments, plant and animal drawings, etc. All items brought for the auction can be delivered upon registration, so that they can be exhibited already during the first day of the conference. The organizers will be responsible for transporting all the objects for the auction to the Grassland Party.

Arantzazu Sanctuary