GrassPlot Diversity Explorer

The GrassPlot Diversity Explorer is an interactive tool to explore the data in the GrassPlot database dynamically. By selecting among the seven menus at the top, you can get species richness of different vegetation types, or in biomes, regions, and even countries or for different plot sizes. You can also explore species-area relationships for selected vegetation types and regions. In addition, you can see selected plots on the map using the Map tool. You can get current descriptive statistics of diversity patterns of open habitats in the whole Palaearctic. You can get boxplots for any grain size, habitat type, region, biome, country, or combination thereof. In the panel 'Information', you can find additional information regarding the dataset and terminology used. The menu GrassPlot Diversity Benchmarks provides access to a huge spreadsheet (70 MB) that contains all the information that is retrievable from the GrassPlot Diversity Explorer in a fixed version ready to be used in analyses.

The current version of the GrassPlot Diversity Explorer and the GrassPlot Diversity Benchmarks are based on GrassPlot v. 2.10 with 126.524 vegetation plots. It will be regularly updated in the future.

The information in the GrassPlot Diversity Explorer can be used under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.If you use data from the online GrassPlot Diversity Explorer or from the downloaded GrassPlot Diversity Benchmarks, you are required to indicate the version number, the URL from where you got the data and cite all papers listed below the GrassPlot Diversity Explorer window.  


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Left: Alpine grassland, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy. Middle: Rocky outcrop community with Sempervivum arachnoideum, Switzerland. Right: Meso-xeric steppe grassland, Switzerland. Photos by  J. Dengler