Asian Grassland Conference

Asian Grassland Conference

(February 2022)

virtual event

Asia is home to vast grasslands. It is very diverse in habitats, species and land-use practices. Its environmental conditions, species pools and natural history are quite different from the rest of the world. For that reason, EDGG will organize a virtual conference to exchange information about grassland research and conservation in Asia. The event will be remarkable for the EDGG community, as opportunities to meet with Asian colleagues and learn about their research, are limited in our usual conferences. We invite researchers to present studies on the ecology, biodiversity, management and conservation of Asian grasslands

 Sub–alpine forbs meadows, Armenia, G. Fayvush, A. Aleksanyan
Stipa glareosa steppe in Xinjiang, China. Q. Xianguo
Sub–alpine forbs meadows-2, Armenia, G. Fayvush, A. Aleksanyan

Photos by A. Aleksanyan, Q. Xianguo and G. Fayvush

The conference will take place during three-half days on the Zoom platform in February 2022. We will ensure a broad level of regional representation in this event, highlighting research from less well-known parts of the continent. Besides the regular, speed and keynote talks, we will organize optional events and virtual happy hours, in which participants can meet and talk to friends and colleagues among the participants on a separate platform. In conjunction with the conference, we plan a special feature in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal, open to all authors who give presentations. Full details regarding the time, date, registration and other relevant information will be announced in the future Palaearctic Grasslands. We hope to meet many researchers working on grassland research and conservation in Asia!

Grasslands in Shemiranat, Tehran Province, Iran. M. Alizadeh
Stipa capillata and Stipa zalesskii steppe, Altai Territory, Russia. I. Smelansky
Grasslands in Armenia, G. Fayvush, A. Aleksanyan

Photos by M. Alizadeh, I. Smelansky,  G. Fayvush and A. Aleksanyan