Ongoing Special Features

EDGG is regularly publishing Special Features in international journals on topics related to ecology, biodiversity, classification, conservation, and management of Palaearctic grasslands. Publishing in EDGG Special Features typically comes with significant visibility and therefore our Special Feature articles on average receive more citations than “normal” articles in the respective journal. Within the EDGG Executive Committee, Jürgen Dengler ( and Péter Török ( are responsible for the coordination of these activities. If you have questions or want to propose a new Special Issue, please get into contact with them.

Currently, three such Special Issues are active, meaning that articles can be proposed for them by sending an abstract to the respective contact person. Then, after a positive evaluation of the abstract, a manuscript can be submitted until a specified deadline.

Biodiversity and Conservation

Founded in 1992, Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity, its conservation, and sustainable use (Impact Factor: 3.549).
Topic: Any high-impact papers dealing with biodiversity and conservation of grasslands in Asia
Abstract submission until 01 May 2022 to the Chair of Guest Editors: Didem Ambarlı ( Please read the full call before submitting your abstract. Do not hesitate to send your questions to the same email address.


Since several years, EDGG is organising a Special Feature in this gold open-access journal of the
Slovenian Academy of Sciences.
Topic: Biodiversity, ecology and conservation of flora and fauna in Palaearctic grasslands
Abstract submission: anytime
Contact: Orsolya Valkó (


Since many years, EDGG is organising an annual Special Feature in this gold open-access journal of
the Floristisch-Soziologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft (FlorSoz)
Topic: Vegetation and flora of grasslands in Central Europe s.l.
Abstract submission: anytime
Contact: Steffen Boch (