Book reviews

Here we provide book reviews published in the EDGG bulletins. You can download reviews via pdf links and you can visit publisher websites by clicking on the images. We hope you enjoy reading!

Dengler, J. 2021. Book Review: Nowak, A., Nobis, M., Nowak, S., Nobis, A., Wróbel, A., Świerszcz, S., Klichowska, E. Dembicz, I. & Kusza, G. 2020. Illustrated flora of Tajikistan and adjacent areas. Polish Academy of Sciences, Botanical Garden, Center for Biological Diversity Conservation. Palaearctic Grasslands 48: 33-33. [pdf]


Török, P. 2021. Book Review: Molnár, V. A. & Csábi, M. 2021. Magyarország orchideái. Orchids of Hungary. [In Hungarian with English explanations] – Department of Botany, University of Debrecen. Palaearctic Grasslands 48: 32-32. [pdf]

Török, P. 2020. Book Review: Stroh, P., Walker, K., Smith, S., Jefferson, R., Pinches, C. & Blackstock, T. 2019. Grassland plants of the British and Irish lowlands – ecology, threats and management. Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland. Palaearctic Grasslands 47: 72-72. [pdf]

Bajomi, B. 2020. Book Review: László Erdős: Green Heroes. From Buddha to Leonardo DiCaprio. Springer. Palaeartic grasslands 46: 104-104. [pdf]

Török, P. 2019. Book Review. Klimešová, J. 2018. Temperate herbs: an architectural analysis. Praha: Academia, 274 pp., Palaeartic grasslands 44: 58-58. [pdf]

Kuzemko, A. 2019. Book Review. Rothero, E., Lake, S. & Gowing, D. (eds.). Floodplain Meadows – Beauty and Utility. A Technical Handbook. Milton Keynes, Floodplain Meadows Partnership. Open University, UK. Palaeartic grasslands 42: 32-33. [pdf]

Papp, V. 2019. Book Review. Begerow, D., McTaggart, A. R. & Agerer, R. (eds.). Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota [Syllabus of Plant Families: Adolf Engler´s Syllabus der Planzenfamilien, 13th edn (Wolfgang Frey, ed.), Part 1(3).]. Stuttgart: Borntraeger Science Publishers. Palaeartic grasslands 42: 30-31. [pdf]

Biurrun, I. 2019. Book Review. Squires, V.R., Dengler, J., Feng, H. & Hua, L. (eds.) Grasslands of the World. Diversity, Management and Conservation. CRC Press, Boca Raton. Palaeartic grasslands 42: 28-29. [pdf]

Török, P. 2018. Book review: David H. Foster: A concise guide to communication in science and engineering. Oxford University Press, UK. Palaeartic grasslands 39: 21. [pdf]


Török, P. 2018. Book review: Goldmine for plant and vegetation ecology. Leuschner, C. & Ellenberg, H. 2017. Vegetation Ecology of Central Europe (2 volumes): I. Ecology of Central European Forests; II. Ecology of Central European Non-Forest Vegetation: Coastal to Alpine, Natural to Man-Made Habitats. Springer Nature, Heidelberg. Palaeartic grasslands 38: 42-43. [pdf]

Török, P. 2018. Book review: Rūsiņa S. (Ed.) (2017): Protected habitat management guidelines for Latvia, Volume 3, Semi-natural grasslands. Nature Conservation Agency, Sigulda, LV. Palaearctic Grasslands 37: 40-40. [pdf]

Sonkoly, J. 2018. Book review: Allison, S. K. and Murphy, S. D. 2017. Routledge Handbook of Ecological and Environmental Restoration. Routledge, Oxon, UK. Palaearctic Grasslands 37: 41-42. [pdf]

Kuzemko, A. 2018. Book review: Fayvush, G.M. & Aleksanyan, A.S. 2016. Habitats of Armenia. National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Institute of Botany, Yerevan. Bulletin of the EDGG 34: 44-45. [pdf]

Biurrun, I. 2017. Book review: Mucina, L., Bültmann, H., Dierßen, K., Theurillat, J. -P., Raus, T., Čarni, A., Šumberová, K., Willner, W., Dengler, J., Gavilán García, R., Chytrý, M., Hájek, M., Di Pietro, R., Iakushenko, D., Pallas, J., Daniëls, F.J.A., Bergmeier, E., Santos Guerra, A., Ermakov, N., Valachovič, M., Schaminée, J.H.J., Lysenko, T., Didukh,Y.P., Pignatti, S., Rodwell, J.S., Capelo, J., Weber, H.E., Solomeshch, A.,  Dimopoulos, P., Aguiar, C., Hennekens, S.M. & Tichý, L. 2016.Vegetation of Europe: Hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, bryophyte, lichen, and algal  communities. Applied Vegetation Science 19, Supplement 1: 1‐264. Bulletin of the EDGG 33: 28-29. [pdf]

Török, P. 2017. Book review: Heard, S.B. 2016. The Scientist’s Guide to Writing: How to Write More Easily and Effectively throughout Your Scientific Career. Princeton University Press, Princeton, US. Bulletin of the EDGG 33: 30-30. [pdf]

Valkó, O. 2017. Book review: Blakesley, D. & Buckley, P. 2016. Grassland Restoration and Management.  Pelagic Publishing, Exeter. Bulletin of the EDGG 32: 32-33. [pdf]

Deak, B. 2017. Book review: Thenkabail, P.S. (Ed.) 2015. Remote Sensing Handbook - Three Volume Set. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, Florida. Bulletin of the EDGG 32: 34-35. [pdf]