Past Special Features


Vegetation and conservation of Central-European grasslands (in Tuexenia)

EDITORIAL: Balázs Deák, Viktoria Wagner, Anikó Csecserıts & Thomas Becker. 2017. Vegetation and conservation of Central-European grasslands – Editorial to the 12th EDGG Special Feature. Tuexenia 37: 375–378. FULL TEXT

Kristin Gilhaus, Steffen Boch, Markus Fischer, Norbert Hölzel, Till Kleinebecker, Daniel Prati, Denise Rupprecht, Barbara Schmitt & Valentin H. Klaus. 2017. Grassland management in Germany: effects on plant diversity and vegetation composition. Tuexenia 37: 379–397. FULL TEXT   SUPPLEMENTARY

András Kelemen, Csaba Tölgyesi, Róbert Kun, Zsolt Molnár, Csaba Vadász & Katalin Tóth. 2017. Positive small-scale effects of shrubs on diversity and flowering in pastures. Tuexenia 37: 399–413. FULL TEXT

Gábor Szabó, Zita Zimmermann, Andrea Catorci, Péter Csontos, Barnabás Wichmann, Szilárd Szentes, Attila Barczi & Károly Penksza. 2017. Comparative study on grasslands dominated by Festuca vaginata and F. pseudovaginata in the Carpathian Basin. Tuexenia 37: 415–429. FULL TEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

Dragana Čavlović, Jelena Beloica, Dragica Obratov-Petković, Vladimir Đurđević & Olivera Košanin. 2017. Simulation of long-term changes in environmental factors and grassland composition in three protected areas of Serbia. Tuexenia 37: 431–446. FULL TEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

Jürgen Dengler, Thomas Becker, Timo Conradi, Christian Dolnik, Bärbel Heindl-Tenhunen, Kai Jensen, Jana Kaufmann, Marius Klotz, Claudia Kurzböck, Patrick Lampe, Nancy Langer, Britta Marquardt, Dorothee Putfarken, Melanie Rahmlow, Oliver Schuhmacher & Julia Went. 2017. GrassVeg.DE – the new collaborative vegetation-plot database for herba-ceous vegetation types of Germany. Tuexenia 37: 447–455. FULL TEXT



Different approarches in grassland analysis (in Tuexenia)

EDITORIAL: Thomas, B., Csecserits, A., Deák, B.,  Janišová, M., Sutcliffe, L. & Wagner, V. (2016): Different approarches in grassland analysis – Editorial to the 11th EDGG Grassland Special Feature. – Tuexenia 36: 287–291.FULL TEXT

BAUMANN, E., WEISER, F., CHIARUCCI, A., JENTSCH, A. & DENGLER, J. (2016): Diversity and func-tional composition of alpine grasslands along an elevational transect in the Gran Paradiso National Park (NW Italy). – Tuexenia 36: 337–358. FULL TEXT

DEÁK, B., HÜSE, B. &TÓTHMÉRÉSZ, B. (2016): Grassland vegetation in urban habitats – testing eco-logical theories. – Tuexenia 36: 379–393. FULLTEXT     SUPPLEMENTARY

HARZÉ, M., MAHY, G. & MONTY, A. (2016): The extent of intra-population plant functional trait variability in calcareous grasslands. – Tuexenia 36: 321–336. FULLTEXT

HÜLLBUSCH, E., BRANDT, L.M., ENDE, P. & DENGLER, J. (2016): Little vegetation change during two decades in a dry grassland complex in the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide–Chorin (NE Germany). – Tuexenia 36: 395–412. FULLTEXT SUPPLEMENTARY

KUZMANOVIĆ, N., KABAŠ, E., JOVANOVIĆ, S., VUKOJIČIĆ, S., AĆIĆ, S., SURINA, B. & LAKUŠIĆ, D. (2016): Syntaxonomy and nomenclatural adjustments of steppe-like vegetation on shallow ultra-mafic soils in the Balkans included in the order Halacsyetalia sendtneri. – Tuexenia 36: 293–320. FULLTEXT    SUPPLEMENTARY

VALKÓ, O., DEÁK, B., TÖRÖK, P., KIRMER, A., TISCHEW, S., KELEMEN, A., TÓTH, K., MIGLÉCZ, T., RADÓCZ, S., SONKOLY, J., TÓTH, E., KISS, R., KAPOCSI, I. & TÓTHMÉRÉSZ, B. (2016a): High-diversity sowing in establishment windows: a promising new tool for enhancing grassland biodiver-sity. – Tuexenia 36: 359–378. FULL TEXT



Conservation value, management and restoration of Europe’s seminatural open landscapes (in Hacquetia)

Editorial: Marta Carboni, Jurgen Dengler, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras, Stephen Venn & Peter Torok (2015): Conservation value, management and restoration of Europe’s seminatural open landscapes PDF

Eleonora Giarrizzo, Sabina Burrascano, Laura Zavattero & Carlo Blasi (2015): New methodological insights for the assessment of temporal changes in semi-natural dry grasslands plant species composition based on field data from the northern Apennines PDF

Rocco Labadessa, Luigi Forte, Paola Mairota (2015): Exploring life forms for linking orthopteran assemblage and grassland plant community PDF

Keith J. Kirby: What might asustainable population of trees in wood-pasture sites look like? PDF

Laura SUTCLIFFE, John AKEROYD, Nat PAGE & Razvan POPA (2015): Combining approaches to support High Nature Value farmland in Southern Transylv ania, Romania PDF

Julia V. Vanteeva & Svetlana V. Solodyankina (2015): Ecosystem functions of steppe landscapes near Lake Baikal PDF

Nina Polchaninova (2015): Recovery of spider communities after a spontaneous summer fire in the forb-bunchgrass steppe of eastern Ukraine PDF

Philipp SENGL, Viktoria WAGNER & Martin MAGNES (2015): Semi-dry grassland restoration in the SE Alpine foreland of Austria – a study of early spontaneous colonisation patterns PDF

Jiři Dostalek & Tomaš Frantik (2015): Dry heathland restoration in the Zlatnice Nature Reserve (Czech Republic): An assessment of the effectiveness of grazing and sod-cutting PDF



European grassland ecosystems: threatened hotspots of biodiversity (in Biodiversity and Conservation)

Habel, J.C., Dengler, J., Janišová, M., Török, P., Wellstein, C., Wiezik, M. (2013): European grassland ecosystems: threatened hotspots of biodiversity. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2131–2138. PDF

Horváth, R., Magura, T., Szinetár, C., Eichardt, J., Tóthmérész, B. (2013): Large and least isolated fragments preserve habitat specialist spiders best in dry sandy grasslands in Hungary. Biodivers. Conserv. 22 : 2139 – 2150. PDF

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Weiss, N, Zucchi, H., Hochkirch, A. (2013): The effect of grassland management and aspect on Orthopteran diversity and abundance: site conditions are as important as management. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2167–2178. PDF

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Pipenbaher, N., Kaligarič, M., Mason, N.W.H., Škornik, S. (2013): Dry calcareous grasslands from two neighbouring biogeographic regions: relationship between plant traits and rarity. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2207–2221.PDF

Filz, K.J., Engler, J.O., Stoffels, J., Weitzel, M., Schmitt, T. (2013): Missing the target? A critical view of butterfly conservation efforts o calcareous grasslands in south-western Germany. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2223–2241. PDF

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Rácz, I.A., Déri. E., Kisfali, M., Batiz, Z., Varga, K., Szabó, G., Lengyel, S. (2013): Early changes of orthopteran assemblages after grassland restoration: a comparison of space-for-time substitution versus repeated measures monitoring. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2321–2335. PDF

Lauterbach, D., Römermann, C., Jeltsch, F., Ristow, M. (2013): Factors driving plant rarity in dry grasslands on different spatial scales: a functional trait approach. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2337–2335. PDF

Wellstein, C., Chelli, S., Campetella, G., Bartha, S., Galiè, M., Spada, F., Canullo, R. (2013): Intraspecific phenotypic variability of plant functional traits in contrasting mountain grassland habitats. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2535–2374. PDF

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Habel, J.C., Gossner, M.M., Meyer, S., Eggermont, H., Lens, L., Dengler, J., Weisser, W.W. (2013): Mind the gaps when using science to address conservation concerns. Biodivers. Conserv. 22: 2413–2427. PDF


Dry grassland of Europe: biodiversity, classification, conservation and management (in Tuexenia)

Becker T., Reitalu T., Ruprecht E., Dengler J. (2013): Dry grassland of Europe: biodiversity, classification, conservation and management – Editorial to the 8th Dry Grassland Special Feature. – Tuexenia 33: 285–291. PDF

Kasari,L., Gazol, A., Kalwij, J.M., Helm, A. (2013): Low shrub cover in alvar grasslands increases small-scale diversity by promoting the occurrence of generalist species. – Tuexenia 33: 293–308. PDF

Pedashenko, H., Apostolova, I., Boch, S., Ganeva, A., Janisová, M., Sopotlieva, D., Todorova, S., Ünal, A., Vassilev, K., Velev, N., Dengler, J. (2013): Dry grasslands of NW Bulgarian mountains: first insights into diversity, ecology and syntaxonomy. – Tuexenia 33: 309–346. PDF

Rusina, S., Puspure, I., Gustina, L. (2013): Diversity patterns in transitional grassland areas in floodplain landscapes with different heterogeneity. – Tuexenia 33: 347–369. PDF

Janisová, M., Ujházy, K., Uhliarová, E. (2013): Phytosociology and ecology of Avenula adsurgens subsp. adsurgens in Carpathian grasslands. – Tuexenia 33: 371–398. PDF 

Willner, W., Sauberer, N., Staudinger, M., Schratt-Ehrendorfer, L. (2013): Syntaxonomical revision of the Pannonian grasslands of Austria - Part I: Introduction and general overview. – Tuexenia 33: 399–420. PDF

Willner, W., Sauberer, N., Staudinger, M., Grass, V., Kraus, R., Moser, D., Rötzer, H., Wrbka, T. (2013): Syntaxonomical revision of the Pannonian grasslands of Austria - Part II: Vienna Woods (Wienerwald). – Tuexenia 33: 421–458. PDF


Large-scale classification of grasslands (in Applied Vegetation Science)

Dengler, J., Bergmeier, E., Willner, W., Chytry, M. (2013): Towards a consistent classification of European grasslands. Appl. Veg. Sci. 16: 518–520.

Eliáš, P. jr., Sopotlieva, D., Díté, D., Hájková, P., Apostolova, I., Senko, D., Melečková, Z., Hájek, M. (2013): Vegetation diversity of salt-rich grasslands in Southeast Europe. Appl. Veg. Sci. 16: 521–537.

Jiménez-Alfaro, B., Hájek, M., Ejrnaes, R., Rodwell, J., Pawlikovski, P., Weeda, E.J., Laitinen, J., Moen, A., Bergamini, A., Aunina, L., Sekulová, L., Tahvaninen, T., Gillet, F., Jandt, U., Ditě, D., Hájková, P. Corriol, G., Kondelin, H., Díaz, T.E. (2014): Biogeographic patterns of base-rich fen vegetation across Europe. Appl. Veg. Sci. 17 367-380



Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Galvánek, D., Becker, T., Dengler, J. (2012): Biodiversity, syntaxonomy, and management – Editorial to the 7th Dry Grassland Special Feature (with a bibliometrical evaluation of the series). – Tuexenia 32: 233–243. PDF

Ketner-Oostra, R., Aptroot, A., Jungerius, P.D., Sýkora, K.V. (2012): Vegetation succession and habitat restoration in Dutch lichen-rich inland drift sands. – Tuexenia 32: 245–268. PDF

Jeschke, M. (2012): Cryptogams in calcareous grassland restoration: perspectives for artificial vs. natural colonization. – Tuexenia 32: 269–279. PDF

Becker, T., Schmiege, C., Bergmeier, E., Dengler, J., Nowak, B. (2012): Nutrient-poor grasslands on siliceous soil in the lower Aar valley (Middle Hesse, Germany) – neglected vegetation types in the intersection range of four classes. – Tuexenia 32: 281–318 + 1 table. PDF

Dengler, J., Becker, T., Ruprecht, E., Szabó, A., Becker, U., Beldean, M., Bita-Nicolae, C., Dolnik, C., Goia, I., Peyrat, J., Sutcliffe, L.M.E., Turtureanu, P.D., Uğurlu, E. (2012): Festuco-Brometea communities of the Transylvanian Plateau (Romania) – a preliminary overview on syntaxonomy, ecology, and biodiversity. – Tuexenia 32: 319–359 + 2 tables. PDF



Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Janišová, M., Wellstein, C., Willner, W., Dengler, J. (2011): Succession, restoration, and management of dry grasslands – Special Feature with contributions from the 7th European Dry Grassland Meeting 2010 in Smolenice. Tuexenia 31: 227–234. PDF

Škodová, I., Devánová, K., Senko, D. (2011): Subxerophilous and mesophilous grasslands of the Biele Karpaty Mts. (White Carpathian Mts.) in Slovakia. Tuexenia 31: 235–269 + 6 tables. PDF

Willner, W. (2011): Unambiguous assignment of relevés to vegetation units: the example of the Festuco- Brometea and Trifolio-Geranietea sanguinei. Tuexenia 31: 271–282 + 1 table. PDF [table]

Petřík, P., Černý, T., Boublík, K. (2011): Impact of hoofed game and weather on the vegetation of endangered dry grasslands in the Křivoklátsko Biosphere Reserve (Czech Republic). Tuexenia 31: 283–299. PDF

Wiezik, M., Wieziková, A., Svitok, M. (2011): Vegetation structure, ecological stability, and low-disturbance regime of abandoned dry grasslands support specific ant assemblages in Central Slovakia. Tuexenia 31: 301–315. PDF


Succession, management and restoration of dry grasslands (in Plant Biosystems)

Janišová, M., Bartha, S., Kiehl, K., Dengler, J. (2011): Advances in the conservation of dry grasslands – Introduction to contributions from the 7th European Dry Grassland Meeting. Plant Biosystems 145. DOI: 10.1080/11263504.2011.603895.

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Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Jandt, U., Becker, T., Dengler, J., Janišová, M. (2010): Dry grasslands: species interactions and distribution – Editorial to the Special Feature with contributions from the 6th European Dry Grassland Meeting 2009 in Halle (Saale). – Tuexenia 30: 349-355, Göttingen. PDF

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Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Bohner, A., Habeler, H., Starlinger, F., Suanjak, M. (2009): Artenreiche montane Rasengesellschaften auf Lawinenbahnen des Nationalparks Gesäuse (Österreich). - Tuexenia 29: 97-120, Göttingen. PDF

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Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Bültmann H., Hasse T., DörsingM., Jandt U., Becker T., Dengler J. (2006): Trockenrasen auf unter– schiedlichen Betrachtungsebenen – Zweite Jahres– tagung der AG Trockenrasen vom 26.–28.08.05 in Münster. Tuexenia 26: 389–390, Göttingen. PDF

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Dry Grassland Special Feature (in Tuexenia)

Dengler J. & Jandt U. (2005): Trockenrasen als Biodiversitätshotspots - Erste Jahrestagung der AG Trockenrasen mit einem Worskhop zur Syntaxonomie der Trockenrasen Deutschlands. Tuexenia 25: 375–378, Göttingen. PDF 

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