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Palaearctic Grasslands (PG) is the diamond open-access journal of the Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG). It publishes four issues per year which include news and announcements of EDGG, its projects, related organizations, and its members. At the same time, it serves as an outlet for scientific articles and photo contributions. It is sent to all members of the group and together with all previous issues, it is also freely available on this page. You can also find links to book reviews and articles published in the PG separately in the links at the end of this page. It was formerly published under the names Bulletin of the European Dry Grassland Group (Issues 1-26) and Bulletin of the Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (Issues 27-36).

Current issue: Palaearctic Grasslands  No. 61 (Published June 2024)

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Deadlines for the four annual issues: 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 61

Boch, S., Dembicz, I., Keller, C. & Dengler, J. 2024. Cladonia homosekikaica Nuno new to Sweden – a cup lichen found in the grey dunes of Gotland. Palaearctic Grasslands 60: 14-17. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 60

Vynokurov, D. & Dengler, J. 2024. 18th EDGG Field Workshop - Dry grasslands of South-Western Alps, Aosta, Susa and Durance valleys, Italy and France, 1–11 June 2024. Second Call. Palaearctic Grasslands 60: 9-15. [pdf]

Strobl, J., Hilpold, A. & Venn, S. 2024. Call for participation and presentations: 19th Eurasian Grassland Conference Bolzano (EGC2024) Italy, 26 August – 1 September 2024. Palaearctic Grasslands 60: 16-19. [pdf]

Angelini, L., Tyshchenko, O., Hilpold, A., Chusova, O., Dengler, J., Dolnik, C., Güler, B., Kirschner, P., Nikolei, R., Rabyk, I., Skobel, N. & Vynokurov, D. 2024. Photo Story: 17th EDGG Field Workshop photo diary Inner Alpine dry valleys of the south-eastern Alps (Italy, Switzerland, 1-11 June 2023). Palaearctic Grasslands 60: 28-59. [pdf]

Borovyk, D. 2024. Photo Story: Spring brings hope to the Ukrainian steppes. Palaearctic Grasslands 60: 60-75. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 58-59

Deák, B., Valkó, O. & Kelemen, A. 2023. Conference Report: 18th Eurasian Grassland Conference 2023, Hungary. Palaearctic Grasslands 58-59: 14-25. [pdf]

Peregrym, M., Futorna, O. & Berezovska, V. 2023. Conference Report: 18th The Hailuoto island: antropogenically transformed, but still interesting. Palaearctic Grasslands 58-59: 34-43. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 57

Deák, B., Valkó, O. & Kelemen, A. 2023. Coming soon: 18th Eurasian Grassland Conference - Conservation and management of grasslands in transforming landscapes, Szarvas, Hungary, 25 September - 1 October 2023. Palaearctic Grasslands 57: 8-13. [pdf]

Tyshchenko, O., Tyshchenko, V., Davydenko, I. & Govorun, O. 2023. Photo Story: Ravine-gully landscapes of Kharkiv Region (Ukraine) as loci of meadow steppes biodiversity. Palaearctic Grasslands 57: 17-25. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 56

Phartyal, S.S., Konsam, B., Negi, A.K. & Chauhan, S. 2023. Soil seed bank potential of Himalayan alpine meadows – A case study of anthropogenically disturbed Tungnath treeline. Palaearctic Grasslands 56: 15-24. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 54-55

Biurrun, I. & Venn, S.  2022. Conference report - 17th Eurasian Grassland Conference (2022, Spain), Tolosa, Basque Country, with post-conference excursion in Navarre. Palaearctic Grasslands 54-55: 14-41. [pdf]

Dembicz, I. & Dengler, J. 2022. Photo Story: Gotland - a grassland paradise in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Palaearctic Grasslands 54-55: 48-58. [pdf]

Kuzemko, A. 2022. Book Review: Eggenberg, S. Möhl, A. 2020. Flora Vegetativa. Palaearctic Grasslands 54-55: 65. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 53

Shupova, T.V. & Chaplygina, A.B.  2022. Photo Story: Visit to the Vorskla River in May. Palaearctic Grasslands 53: 24-30. [pdf]

Venn, S. 2022. Book Review: Huhta, A-P. 2021 Opas perinnemaisemiin — Niitut, kedot, ahot ja metsälaitumet. Palaearctic Grasslands 53: 34. [pdf]

Venn, S. 2022. Book Review: Ollerton, J. 2021. Pollinators and Pollination - Nature and Society. Palaearctic Grasslands 53: 35. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 52

Biurrun, I.  2022. EGC 2022 - 17th Eurasian Grassland Conference “Grassland dynamics and conservation in a changing world”. Tolosa, Spain, 12-18 September 2022. First complete call. Palaearctic Grasslands 52: 7-21. [pdf]

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Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 51

Lostrangio, M.C.  & Clotteau, M. 2021. A review of policy frameworks supporting mountain grasslands in Europe. Palaearctic Grasslands 51: 17-22. [pdf]

Yonghong Li, F., Bao, T., Zhao, L., Ma, M.  & Zhang, J. 2021. Photo Story: Grassland communities of the Mongolian Plateau. Palaearctic Grasslands 51: 23-27. [pdf]

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 50

Budzhak, V., Chorney, I., Tokariuk, A. & Kuzemko, A. 2021. Photo Story: “Sinozhati” – the sacred place of Pokuttya (Western Ukraine) as a center of meadow-steppe diversity preservation. Palaearctic Grasslands 50: 18-26. [pdf]

Sonkoly, J. 2021. Book Review: Bond, W.J. 2019. Open Ecosystems: ecology and evolution beyond the forest edge. Palaearctic Grasslands 50: 34-35. [pdf

Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 49

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Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 48

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Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 47

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Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 44

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Publications in Palaearctic Grasslands 39

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