Eurasian Grassland Conference 2023

18th Eurasian Grassland Conference

Körös-Maros National Park, Hungary, 25-28 September 2023


Alkaline landscape in Mikla-puszta. Photo by A. Kelemen.

Preliminary call

The 18th Eurasian Grassland Conference (EGC) will be hosted by the Seed Ecology Research Group, Centre for Ecological Research (Vácrátót, Hungary). The main organisers are Balázs Deák, Orsolya Valkó and András Kelemen. The conference venue will be in the visitor center of the Körös-Maros National Park Directorate in Szarvas, which is in the heart of the Hungarian Great Plain. Full details are available from the conference website and here is a direct link to registration

The dates of the conference are 25-28th September 2023. In the three-day-long post-conference excursion, participants can get familiar with the dry and wet grasslands typical to the Duna-Tisza Interfluve in the Kiskunság National Park. The conference will provide a great opportunity for grassland researchers to interact and exchange knowledge related to the flora, fauna, management and conservation of Palaearctic grasslands. 


Gentiana pneumonanthe by A. Kelemen.