IAVS support for publishing in Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS)

Dear members of the IAVS Working Group EDGG,

Today the IAVS Council made a great decision to support its gold open access journal Vegetation Classification and Survey (VCS) even stronger than before during the initial years. Accordingly, IAVS members do not have to pay article processing charges (APCs) if they submit their manuscript in 2020 or 2021 (while APCs for non-members are 600 and 850 EUR for average articles, respectively).
(Note that EDGG members who are not yet also IAVS members can join for a low fee or even free of charge at http://iavs.org/Membership/Member-Benefits.aspx).

We hope this will stimulate many of you to submit a paper in 2020 or 2021. Keep in mind that the two specialisations of VCS are vegetation classification papers (including such with over-length or regional focus) and ecoinformatics (not restricted to classification, including Long and Short Database Reports for vegetation databases registered in GIVD). We also publish Forum Papers, Reviews and SynthesesReports. We are particularly eager to receive submissions of shorter
contributions of good quality that can be peer-reviewed so fast that they could still be published in

Among the first papers published in VCS, there was already a nice grassland classification paper (https://vcs.pensoft.net/article/48518/), albeit from outside the Palaearctic.

See the journal homepage for further information on scope, already published papers andsubmission: https://vcs.pensoft.net/

Many thanks and best regards,
Jürgen Dengler
(VCS Chief Editor)