EDGG Resolution on Russian invasion

Resolution by the EDGG Executive Committee on the Russian invasion in Ukraine

30 March 2022

The EDGG Executive Committee condemns the invasion of the Russian Federation into their peaceful neighbour country Ukraine, the continuous perpetration of grievous war crimes by the Russian army, including the intentional killing of civilians and the bombing of civilian infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, churches and universities. We also condemn the fact that the Belarussian regime is supporting the Russian attack by allowing Russia to use their territory as a main basis for the attacks. Lastly, we also condemn the Russian state universities and the Russian Academy of Sciences who, in a statement of the Rectors’ Union, applauded the attack and justified it on the basis of false information and propaganda.

As an organisation dedicated to humanitarianism and truth, which are essential bases for any scientific work, we have decided to implement the following rules, which will apply to any EDGG-organised event, EDGG-owned journal or EDGG-edited Special Feature:

(1) No organiser, committee member, editorial board member, editor, reviewer, author or participant from the Russian Federation or Belarus is allowed to use the name of their warsupporting countries or public scientific institutions in the context of EDGG events and publications – as we consider these as propaganda in favour of war crimes.

(2) Colleagues from the Russian Federation and from Belarus are welcome to participate as neutral participants, i.e. representing only themselves, but not their institutions nor countries, as long as Rule (3) is not violated.

(3) If an EDGG member or other scientist publicly supports the Russian attack on Ukraine, he or she will be excluded from EDGG membership and from participation in EDGG events and publications. Whether such a violation of our rules has occurred will be decided by the EDGG Executive Committee, with a simple majority, following an application by any EDGG member.

(4) Rules (1)–(3) remain in force until the EDGG Executive Committee revokes them.


Approved by the EDGG Executive Committee in unanimous vote on 30 March 2022,

Alla Aleksanyan, Didem Ambarlı, Idoia Biurrun, Iwona Dembicz, Jürgen Dengler, Anna Kuzemko, Rocco Labadessa & Stephen Venn