Shared talks and posters from EGCs

EGC2012 keynote talk
EGC2012 discussiob JD
EGC2013 Poster session
EGC2014 Poster session

2018: 15th Grassland Conference: Cooperating for grasslands: from habitat interpretation to conservation measures (Italy)

2017: 14th Eurasian Grassland Conference: Semi-natural grasslands across borders (Latvia and Lithuania)

2016: 13th Eurasian Grassland Conference: Management and Conservation of Semi-natural Grasslands: from theory to practice (Romaina)


2008: 5th European Dry Grassland Meeting: Dry grasslands in a changing environment (Germany)

  • Large-scale classification of dry grasslands and related communities: approaches, problems, solutions, and firstresults by Jürgen Dengler (pdf file)
  • Expansion of Rosa rugosa in Coastal Dunes  by Maike Isermann (pdf file)
  • Long-term effects of the abandonment of grazing on steppe-like grasslands in Romania by Eszter Ruprecht, Márton Enyedi, Mónika Deák (pdf file)
  • Vegetation Dynamics  of Abandoned Calcareous Grasslands  on River Terrace Slopes with Different Aspect by Solvita Rusina (pdf file)
  • Erprobung unterschiedlicher Pflegemaßnahmen zur Reduktion des Land-Reitgrases (Calamagrostis epigejos) auf Sandtrockenrasen in Norddeutschland by Oliver Schuhmacher & Jürgen Dengler (pdf file)